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Help with Linksys Wireless G Broadband router

Last response: in Networking
May 4, 2006 7:09:29 PM

we have a Compact Wireless G broadband router at work.

It is currently plugged in our network closet directly into the port.
on the back there is 4 ethernet ports and 1 port that says Internet.
I have it plugged from the internet port into one of the many network ports on the rack in the closet.

We have a laptop currently accessing it. IP of 192.168.100
I can access internet, and network printers no problem.

When i click on the my network places icon to access our network group, it shows the icon with the 3 computers in a circle. when i click it, it will not give me access to the network to see other computers and folders etc....

I get you do not have permission to use this resource. contact the administrator etc..... etc...

Anyone know how to fix this?? is there some setting i am missing somewhere?
May 4, 2006 10:56:35 PM

Generally when you start connecting router into router you can go out but have problems making bends.

Turn off the NAT firewall in the router. If your router has a mode to act like a switch/or hub use it. This way the DHCP will be controlled with the upstream switch. Some have a mode that puts the wireless on its on private subnet, not needed in your case.