Need help. Power suply switching on/off continuosly


I recenlty bought a SilverStone power supply model ST56F ( ) and I have a problem with it. I connected it to my pc but when I turn on my pc the power suply continuosly open and imediatly shutdown for about 8-15 time (radomly) and only after this conitnuosly switching it opens.
Why is that? I don't consider it to be normal. I try to unplug the cable to plug it again but no effect.

p.s sorry for my english
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  1. Sounds faulty. RMA it quick :(
  2. Rma? what does it mean?

    I recently figured that not the power suply is the probleme but the main board:


    I recently bought a MSI P965 Platinum mainboard and I have some problems at system booting. When I start my system it turns on for few seconds then off then again on and again off.. and so on. This thing repeat around 10-15 time, and if i have luck finaly the system boot corectly and I can enter the SO.
    First I fought that the power suply (model: silverstone ST56F) was the problem. But in the end i reset the bios and the system boot from the first attempt. But with the fallowing message:

    "A 266 mhz system bus processor is installed. This proccesor is not supported on this system board, and will run at reduced processor clock speed. System performance will be impacted.
    Do you wish to conitnue to boot at 133 mhz system bus an reduces processor speed? (Y/N)
    Press [Y] to continue or press [N] to shutdown."

    If I select Y it tells me that the bios settings are wrong and i have to enter bios and load optimize defaults. After reset the system is "down" again. turno on/off/on/offf
    If I select N it tells me to shut down the computer and then it boots normaly for 1 time.

    My system is:
    proc: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
    DDR2: Corsair CM2x1024 -PC6400
    video: Asus Ati radeon Rx1950Pro
    sound: Sound blaster Audigy 2 Value
  3. RMA = Return Merchandise Authorization.

    Are you saying the CPU is too fast for the mobo?
  4. Have you tried starting your system with just the bare minimal components? Try posting with just the Ram and video card. Do you still get the same error?

    The mainboard you have has an additional power plug. Make sure it's getting all the power it needs.

    Check your settings in the BIOS and make sure everything is set specific to your systems needs. The manual may help you some, if not let us know any settings you are not familiar with.
  5. I tried only with motherboard and cpu and the same problem. I updated the bios to the latest version and same effect.

    AN innteresting fact that I observed is that if I overclock my CPU to 299 FSB , about 2600 mhz it turns to work fine. But if I unplug the power cable from the power suply than the same problem occurs.

    from msi i received the fallowing response:
    "Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting the MSI technical support.
    Please tell us the BIOS version of your motherboard:
    identify the BIOS version
    We suggest you reinstall the CPU, memory. Then unplug the power supply for a while, move the battery to clear CMOS (refer to the manual) and load default &save to check again.

    Best wishes,
    MSI technical support team "

    I tried their solution but no effect.

    if any have any idea please post
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