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HI All,

I am building a gaming PC for my self. I am using the following components:

E6600 C2D with Thermal Take Blue OrbII Cooler
Asus P5N32- E SLI (nForce 680i)
nVidia GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics Card
Raptor 10000 RPM HDD
Antec Trio 650 W SLI Supply

I am bit confused with the RAM part. I have two options 1..AMPX DDR2-800 RAM at 4-4-4-10 (1GB Dual Channel Kit)or 2..Super Talent DDR2-1066 RAM at 5-5-5-15 (1GB Dual Channel Kit).

Which RAM should I purchase? Super talent is my choice but will the 1066MHz RAM work on the ASUS motherboard?

Please suggest.

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  1. *Raves for the Super Talent*
    Whenever you first boot your computer it will run at DDR2 533 (on 1066Mhz FSB CPUs), then since you'll have a 680i you can simply run it at the advertised specs without a hitch.
    There are better cooler and gfx for the price than the ones youve picked tough...
  2. i suggest save your money and go with supertalent ddr2 800 cas 4.
  3. Super talent all the way
    get these

    very reliable and true pc6400 @ stock voltages
  4. I'm so glad this forumz rave for Super Talent instead of Corsair :D
    I would have to personally kick each of your asses if such was the case :twisted:
  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I will go in for Super Talent.

  6. Quote:
    Now I finally understand why you hate corsair dario, I couldn't get my dominator to run 4-4-4-12 810 mhz with 2.6volts

    :trophy: :D

    Dont get too cozy of SuperTalent either tough, it might be our puppy today, but the second we find something better itll just be a memory... (yeah the pun was intended)
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