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Hello guys I have been wondering whether I can or cannot connect my pc to the laptop only by using PCI WiFi card, and whether it will be able to share the internet or not. My desktop computer is connected through UTP cables to a server that is directly connected to the internet through a dsl modem. now I need to setup a PCI WiFi in my desktop so that the laptop would be able to share the dsl as well (through my desktop)
could that be done by only connecting the PCI WiFi, or will i have to get a gateway as well ?
thanks a lot in advance :)
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  1. Should work. But will be a slow connection.

    Most PCI card will put the antenna behind the computer. Get one with a cable antenna.
  2. I'm still having troubles configuring the network. whenever I connect the desktop to the laptop through the wireless card they both get in a private network, while my desktop gets disconnected from the other LAN this is weird
    any opinions on what should i do for the laptop to be able to access the internet through the desktop ?
  3. You need to activate Internet Sharing on the desktop. Your LT an PC should be set to Adhoc configuration.
  4. they're set on the AD-hoc configurations yet i cant enable the internet sharing. "An error occurred while Internet Connectiong Sharing was being enabled. Internet connection sharing cannot be enabled. A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing." that's the error message i get
  5. You may have to switch to Static IP then.
  6. but i`m already having the internal ip configurations as static, each ethernet on a different subnet
  7. It sounds like your server is controlling the IP range. I would do a manual IP on the wireless to a private IP, keeping the wired public. Then see if you can connect to the LT. You may be forced in to a router, inorder to share the public IP.
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