Reinstalling FAT32/NTSF file on external hard drive

I am not sure if I am posting my problem in the correct section.

I have a Seagate 300 gig external hard drive that lost its FAT32/NTSF system file. HELP!!! How do I reinstall it???? I am very inexperienced working with system files. None of the data recovery software packages or services I have looked into say anything about being able to install the FAT32/NTSF files.

When I try to open a file on the drive I received this message THE FILE OR DIRECTORY IS CORRUPTED AND UNREADABLE. Seagate's phone tech support walked me through a very basic drive check and determined that FAT32/NTSF was no longer on the drive.

I had transferred photographs from my Laptops hard drive to this external hard drive that I use for backup. I selecting the photos in a folder on the laptop and dragged them to a folder on the external hard drive. I have done it this way hundreds of times without problem. When I tried to open one of the pictures the next morning I was unable too.

Any help would be very appreciated.
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  1. You can use GetDataBack (I belive it's up to v3.0) to recover files from a corrupted drive. I've used it in the past and it works great.
    Since it has to rebuild from scratch, it is time consuming.
  2. You'd probably have better luck by going to

    Hardware / Storage / Hard Drives.
  3. Thank you, I will post my problem there too.
  4. Many thanks to everyone that was so helpful in solving my problem. An angel in disguise suggested some software that did the trick!!!!!!!!! It took over 5 hours to scan the drive and 30 seconds to purchase the license to recover/repair the drive. A very small price to pay for the rescue considering I spent more on the purchase of the DVD's. The software that did the trick is GET DATA BACK for NTSF. So far I have burned 27 DVD's and am just a little more than half through

    I had been Googling trying to repair the drive since September and brought it to all the local computer stores and no one wanted to touch it. Two days on this forum and the problem is solved!

    Again thank you all for your time and sharing your knowledge with me.
  5. Wonderful! Glad to see that someone could be of help. That's the great thing I've found about this forum. No matter what absurd obtuse problem you have there is always somebody who can guide you out of it!
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