GA-965P-DS3 RAID0 problem

:cry: I've installed RAID0 on my system, everything started so fine.
I have two 320GB SE 16MB cache WD harddrives - created a RAID0, all fine...flashed BIOS from F3 to F7...installed drivers from floppy, GIGABYTE GBB366 RAID Controller (Windows 2K/XP/2003). Partitioned a 40GB C: and the rest as a E:, strange that it wouldn't want a D: instead, appears the DVD drive was D:.
I installed windows and all the drivers to it, restarted when it told me to.
Then, after I installed the drivers for sound and the computer screen, I turned off the computer - later on, when I started it, it said that one of the harddrives was Non-RAID and that the RAID array had failed to load - of course, I couldn't enter windows.

The things I did between a succesful reboot and a failed: Installed sounddrives from the CD, not the newest ones as the ones I'd downloaded from the internet wouldn´t work - only thing that happened was that windows window popped up, trying to find a driver (all the other drives was from Gigabyte's homepage). I arranged for windows to look for a driver on the Gigabyte CD-ROM. Maybe there could be something wrong here.
I think it installed the ones from Realtek before the ones from Microsoft though Gigabytes homepage tells one to do it the opposite way.

Installed drivers to the computer screen, Benq.

I had an external harddrive connected, USB.

Well after that I tried to delete the RAID array and start all over, it doesn't work. First windows told me that the new array I'd created was only 70 GB, when I tried to install windows anyway it didn't work.
I formated C: and tried to format E:, only to find out that there was no E: only a D: I could format. I did.
Now I can't install windows with a RAID array. Windows tells me there's no harddrives to install it to. Great. Anyone that can help me?
Merry Christmas...
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  1. You may as well start over from the beginning. Go into the raid controller at bootup (ctrl-I) and delete the array. Then redefine it as one partition.

    Reinstall windows as before, but don't partition it, just make one big C: drive.
  2. Well the problem I have is that windows no longer recognize any harddrive at all when trying to install xp using a RAID array. I'll use fdisc or something like that to change things to where they were in the beginning - then I'll try to find out if it was the installation of drivers for the soundcard or the connected USB drive that caused the RAID failure. Anyway, I think Gigabyte has done a poor job with their RAID - when things like that can happen.
    If someone has an explanation, preferably something logical (not always the case with RAID I know), to all this then I'd be grateful if you could share it with me.
  3. No - I mean start over from the beginning.

    Set up the array in the BIOS, before trying to install Windows.
  4. Yes I've done that, there's no problem creating an RAID array in BIOS - it says it's ok - but windows won't recognize any of the harddrives in the array during installation. I'll use fdisk and start all over again.
    I used the wrong SATA BIOS drivers, GBB366. It should be GBB363 ( Not easy to find out. That might have caused this whole mess.
  5. Did you press F6 while Windows Install was loading and tell Windows Install to load the RAID drivers from Floppy?
  6. YES. Remember, I had a working RAID before.
    I've found out that the only thing that went wrong last time was when I installed the sounddrives, I happened to install Realtek's first, and not microsofts like Gigabyte tells you to. Well, now I've solved the RAID prob but I can't install microsoft's driver MS UAA, nothing happens. I get no sound without it...what can I do? If I try to install Realtek's again I'm sure the same problem will come.

    Edit: Ok, good news. Everything works like a charm.
    I installed Windows XP SP2, then you don't need to install MS UAA it's only for SP1 and a few other platforms (I went to hell and back to find out). Then I installed Realtek's drivers from Gigabyte's homepage. Everything's working. No conflicts. No problems with RAID. Najz.
    Just remember not to choose the Gigabyte CD as a location for the drivers, use those from Gigabyte's homepage.
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