I have been a long time reader of Toms and have enjoyed a vast amount of the charts articles and discussions. But for me it seemed 2010 (in large part) was iSomthing or Cell phone related. I understand those products are tech related and have its place on the site, but it feels like bad filler on real news worthy articles. let it be a report about a new video card or some new technology on the horizon or a discussion about new things. 2010 to me felt like mac/cell related 50% of the time if not more, and when neat or important things happened Tom's was behind on getting the story out..

Like there are plenty of things that could be discussed at length to bring the writers/editors opinions on that I have failed to see in depth (IPv6, cloud computing and maybe comparisons on driver differences (in the sense of real world applications Raedon v FireGL Geforce v Quattro etc) Sure these things have been talked about in a lot of different venues but I rather keep those discussions going, over Will you buy a white iPhone 4 or wait for iPhone 5? To be frank who gives a *** why is that even a article? Or better yet look Company A released a new smart phone with the same specs as the 30 other models that came out from company b c d and f. Than toss in special coverage to the iphone. WHY? The iPhone is inferior to most of the androids coming out and has had issues yet it needs its own articles drives me mad!

Talk about interesting things and less about Cell phones.

It pains me when I start having to prefer guru3d articles over Toms... (That and 30 pages a article gets rough lol)

Things I'd like to get Tom's Input on...

Cloud Computing
Relevance of case air flow (like give it gerth meaning not just good airflow is good...)
Maybe some talk about future amazing games that can change some gaming genres (Rift maybe Old Republic)
Applications of Tessellation (besides the dinky remarks made when talking about metro 2033)
Showing the differences/evolution of Shader Model of the years.

Just ANYTHING except cell phones (and dont start getting drunk on being lazy with "tablet" news. Tegra 2 in a tab enough said you dont need to get lazy with 50 articles of new tablets coming out...
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  1. Good suggestions, though do be aware that much of the news you are talking about is posted in aggregate from our sister site, Tom's Guide. Tom's Guide is much more gadgety than Tom's Hardware, so it's likely that's what you are seeing more of.
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