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I just got an e6300 and have it paired with Corsair ValueSelect 667 in a GA-965p-DS3. I read the overclocking sticky but still need help.

I am using stock cooling and for right now I am happy with 2.3 Ghz on my overclock. I got there by setting the multiplier to 7, the memory multiplier to 2, and the fsb to 333.

Right now it seems like it is running hot at 43 idle but I'm not sure if that is a good temp. Should i have set the memory timings to 5-5-5-5, changed voltages (now at 1.312v according to CPU-Z)?.

Any help will be appreciated.

Also, it it just better to get a good cooler at go after 3 ghz?
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  1. test the cpu for stability with prime95 although it should be stable then carry on increasing the FSB untill it is no longer stable.
  2. I use a Artic Freezing Pro 7 for cooling on my e6300.

    Its at 3.0 and idle @ 35c and 49-51 underload

    so its worth it to get a better cooler if you wanna go higher
  3. Mine is running at 3.15Ghz, default cpu voltage. Maxed out all the others. Used 450Mhzx7. The ram is in sync 1:1, so is running at 900Mhz. I idle at just over 30degrees using an 80mm case fan at the front and back. Its a £20 350W case.
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