How to upgrade the bios?

Hey i have a question how to upgrade the motherboard bios to a newer one?

I would like to overclock my core 2 duo to the max and right now i am running the bios 0801 on my p5w deluxe

I am having a problem reaching to 3.6.I have everything set to the guide that i found in this forum exept i didnt update my bios and in order for me to even boot 3.6ghz my vcore needs to be like 1.55 so i figure it has to be to update the bios.

I know theres a way of putting it on a floppy and then flashing it but can io mabye use the asus program that came with the board?

My system specs

Intel core 2 duo e6600
asus p5w deluxe
corsair 1 gb 6400 c5
wd raptor 150gb
nvidia 7600gt
antec 550 watts
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  1. Your best location on how to flash your bios is by looking at your manual. You can also use asus update program that come on your cd. I would recommend flashing your bios with a floopy disk.

    By flashing your bios with a new one might not get you a 3.6ghz :?

    I have gone on the asus download section but i cant find a p5w deluxe but i can find p5w dh deluxe. Maybe iam not seeing it on the site.

    Here is a site for a p5w dh deluxe mobo:
    There you can find a bios, bios tools, and utilities to get you on your way.
  2. It is safer to update your Bios using the Asus Update Windows program, rather than using a floppy disk. You can download the Bios and update it through Windows.
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