PS3 Showing in Black and White

I have a PS3 in the uk and when i plug it into my TV its Black & White, when i tried it on my mates HDTV it was colour.

The PS3 Version is a NTSC-J

is there any adaptor i can get to make it show colour?
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  1. Ah that's quite unfortunate; being a resident of Europe, your TV is PAL and the Japanese and American versions of the PS3 have a signal output in NTSC. You could try "googling" for an adapter, although I can't say that I've ever heard of one. My suggestion would to be sell it or buy a high definition TV.
  2. There are plenty!

    HDMI and DVI have their own standards, neither of which are PAL or NTSC. They're universally compatible in all regions. But if he's asking about NTSC, I take it he's not using the HDMI port so... nevermind. :-)
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