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I just got a new LCD. I upgraded from a Samsung SyncMaster 930b. My wife also has the 930b. She was asking if I could setup both on her PC...

She has a http://bfgtech.com/6800GTOC.html 6800gt with DVI and analog output. Is it possible to use both LCD's with this card? I know I can on my 7900gt because it has two DVI out's but im not sure with one DVI and one analog.

Thanks in advance ! =)
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  1. I don't know what the 930B uses off hand, but you could use a DVI --> VGA converter on the DVI port to connect to the second one if they use VGA. By the same token, if they feature both ports you can use one DVI on one monitor, the VGA on the other monitor. Quality might be an issue, though, since you'll have a pure digital and an analog signal being outputted.

    Correct me if I'm wrong here, I'm not fully sure if you're permitted to use both for dual monitor mode.
  2. you can deffently do it...but it would be stupid to have one digital and one anaolog...all the dvi-vga converter is doin is changing the signal...the video card thinks its digital know what i mean?
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