Cannot open news or any link by middle clicking

I've noticed this over the past couple of days that I can no longer open the news articles in a new tab by middle clicking them. This happens in Windows 7 Chrome. Turning off javascript allows me to do so, but I'm more wondering if this is the intended functionality. Even with javascript on, I can ctrl + left click and open in a new tab, but I'd prefer my traditional browsing habits.

Please bring back the old way!

And I just noticed this one... you can't post on the forum with javascript disabled? That's a tad ridiculous :sarcastic:
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  1. It seems the problem with news links in the news ticker on the home page only affects links to Tom's Guide, not Tom's Hardware articles.
  2. It is likely an issue specific to Chrome, as middle-clicking those links works in Firefox. Having javascript enabled to use the forum is because many of the edit buttons use it.
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