First Gen E-Geforce 7900GTKO Not displaying green any more?

Here's my specs
ASUS A8N-Premium SLI
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
1 GB Patriot Gaming RAM
Thermaltake Tsunami Case
Seagate Barracuda 160GB HDD
E-Geforce 7900 GT KO

Now my card, of course, is my problem. I'm fixing a computer for a friend, and today, while I was just surfing the net, I hooked his tower up beside mine and switched my monitor cable over. I'm using a video splitter, HDMI to whatever, I forget, because my monitor's old. I tried to fix his comp, no luck, vid card's fried. SO I switch back, and by the way my computer was on this entire time. I'd done this before. I switch back, and, what the hell? I have no green? So, thinking someone had screwed with my monitor settings, I went in, and changed my "green" bar. Nothing. So I keep thinking. Hmm. I take a screenshot, upload it to imageshack, and have some friends look at it. It looks fine. Still, to me, I don't see green. I just see red and blue. Verry annoying. So I figure, hell, my monitor's a peice of ****** and may be dying. I take my tower to my basement and hook it up to my dad's 22" IBM CRT - without a splitter this time, because his monitor's only like 8 months old. I think, cool, my parents have to buy me an LCD now, but, POOF!, still no green. I freak out, pull my card out of my mobo, breaking the little plastic thingie at the back of my PCI-E16 slot (What the hell, it's useless anyway and I took the one from my 2nd slot, due to sli, and replaced the first one. I blow the card out with canned air, blow out both of the connectors, and go, Ok, let's plug it back in. Maybe there was some dust in it. Nope. No go. Still no green. By now I"m freaking out. I don't have another PCI-E16 card in the house whatsoever. My big question is: If it's just the HDMI slot, is there any way I can switch it over to Slot 2? And if not, is there any way to fix it, and if not, should I RMA?
Anyway, I got this card soon after they came out, after doing quite a bit of research. When the whole artifact thing blew up, and Evga was offering cross-shipping, I figured I'd get around to it, just in case, but I never did. So now I've lost all opportunity to cross-ship, if I'm correct?


Edit: I also posted this on EVGA Message boards. I also went back downstairs, stuck my card back in, and fired my comp up. Different. It's all purple now.
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  1. Have you tried a different monitor cable? Analog cables carry colors on the different pins... if a pin is broken on the adapter or the monitor cable's connector, that could be the problem. But since you tried 2 different monitors, my sneaking suspicion is that the DVI to SUB-D adapter is fuc*ked up.

    Try these two things before replacing:

    Different monitor cable
    Different DVI to SUB-D (15 pin) adapter.

    It could be the DVI connector on the card... absolutely. If trying those two things don't work, RMA the video card.

    P.S. HDMI is very different from DVI. No video card (that I know of) has an HDMI out port. Just FYI. :-)
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