Thermaltake SilentPurepower 420W or TR2 430W?

I have a price range of $40 give or take, and was wondering which is more preferred.

Thermaltake Pure Power TR2 430W Power Supply
Newegg Link => here


Thermaltake Silent PurePower 420W Power Supply
Newegg Link => here

Or if there are any other suggestions. These were the two most popular I found on newegg for this price. But can't seem to figure out why the 430W one is cheaper then the 420W.

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  1. It's about a 3 year old system.

    ASUS 865PE Motherboard
    Intel P4 3.0 Prescott
    GeForceFX 5900
    2 Hard Drives
    DVD-RW drive and a CD-ROM drive

    Cool deal, was checking it out. It's why I assume I don't need to spend much on this power supply, I figure 18A on the 12V rail would be sufficient enough.

    I originally had the 420W silent purepower in the system, but one time it said my video card wasn't getting enough juice. Wasn't sure if it was a glitch or if the P/S actually wasn't giving it enough power, or a faulty power supply.
  2. I had a problem like that once. It was caused by a bad conection on the power conector on the video card. A friend solder it up for me. Works great now. I run 5 hard drives(2=ide, 3 sata), 2 dvd burners, ATI X1600pro, Water cooler with a 450 watt single rail PS,
    The PS your looking at should be fine.
    2 notes

    1= I had swaped this card out several time before it had an error message so I must have broke it

    2= My friend does secruit board repair, don't try at home.
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