Nvidia control panel error/no display

I turned off my monitor with a movie running and when I turned the monitor back on it said I had a Nvidia control panel error and the resolution had gone from 1024X768 to 640X480. I think it hinted at restarting my computer (don't exactly remember)so I did and when it restarted all I got was the POST screen and the windows load up logo and then a black screen. The only thing I can access now is the BIOS, tried F8 to get into safe mode but it doesn't work(tried default settings in BIOS as well as OPTIMIZED settings). Could it be that my drivers were corrupted by a virus and that is why there is no display or does the problem lie in my HDD? Is there any other way to fix this besides taking out my hard drive and installing and scanning it for viruses on another computer? Any other options in BIOS that will work?
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  1. I think you may need to reinstall or repair Windows.

    Go into BIOS and change boot order first, to CD, then put your Windows CD in and reboot :)
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