Need help buying memory for new rig!

I'm about to buy the parts for my new rig in about 2-3 weeks and the only thing i haven't decided on yet is the ram. I'm looking for the best ram out there that is sli certified and is compatiable with 680i evga motherboard. Money is not an object .... I have already picked out 2 that seems intriguing but I'm open to other suggestions. These are the two I like so far

btw the rig im going to get : x6800 proc, 680i mobo, dual 8800 gtx, dual 150gb western digital raptors
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  1. BTW, nice rig you're planning on getting?

    First out of curiosity, what PSU,case, motherboard, well actually what are the full specs? Maybe we can advice a few tweaks.

    About the Dominator, many people are not so thrilled about it anymore since they changed the IC to Promos instead of the Micron.

    I would recommend the following:
    G.Skill , great price for great memory!
  2. thx, finally someone replied lol .. anyways the mobo is 680i as stated above ... psu is cooler master 850w pro power, and the case is silverstone tj09. Like i stated before , the price is not an issue ... i wan't a top notch ram.
  3. Just got my TJ09, you will love it!

    There is more then one 680i board, since $ is not an issue I am scared you will go for the striker and it's really not worth it!

    As for the ram the one I linked is really top notch, it is using probably the best memory chip on the market and G.Skill makes some really powerful ram. Highly recommended and I don't think spending over 400$ will yield any performance increase.
    I think that ram is good to roll at Cas4 in the 1000-1100 range. You can google the part # : F2-8000PHU2-2GBZX and see for yourself recommended all over the place for high end

    The dominator looks cool but as I said the new revision is not as good(according to some) and supply is very tight.

    About the PSU any reason to go with Cooler master? I don't know the Pro Power but I don't think CM makes really good PSU in general(Real Power and igreen line are not really good)
  4. yea well with the psu , its 8800gtx sli certified so im sure i can't go wrong. Also i've heard from many people who have great knowledge of psu's that this is a good one, most of the people that said that didn't like coolermaster products either, but hey a company can always surprise you.

    as for motherboard, yea i was never thinking of the striker , im not that stupid. . i'm going with the evga. Also the memory that i'm leaning towards at the moment is

    But i'm still open for suggestions, as i'm only going to order it in a couple of weeks! so please guys gimme your opinions!
  5. Cool, I don't have any problem with this particular one, just that CM PSU are usually not rated well. The PC Power & Cooling is the #1 rated compagny with Zippy.
    I don't think you are going wrong with this one. THe PC power &cooling has the same # of Amps (60) on the 12V and that's the important part. The fact that it's a single rail makes sure that you non of you video card will want more juice!

    As for the ram, I believe the one I linked is superior, it has the memory chip that are considered by everyone to be the best and a 6 layer PCB, you can't go wrong. And the dominator can be bought separably.
    I might be wrong but I think it could do PC6400 @ CL3...

    Bottom line: it's your money, your choice are fine, but there is better and for a bonus it's cheaper!
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