Netgear WGT624

Apart from the power supply, is there any reason why the above purchased in the US would not work in UK?

Anybody know where they are 'actually' in stock?


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  1. I buy many things from the US ebay and use them over here. Some of the power supplies allow 110v - 240v input (check the transformer) then you just need the 2pin -> 2pin adapter. Also 240V -> 110V step down transformer is easy to get.

    The only thing is....if you want to use the 108Mbps turbo mode you wont be able to use it in the UK (I think this is the model) since you select the region for use in the web interface. Also I should warn you that if you chose the US region to get the turbo mode then you will break several laws.

  2. I just checked and it says this router is available now. The PC Card that goes with it isnt available yet but will be soon.
  3. Hoolio, thanks for the input. I am just back from the US. In the end I ordered the WGT624 from ebuyer uk but as the WG511T was not available I bought one in the US. The package says it is suitable for use in Europe providing the Country of use is set correctly. I assume therefor it is legal in the UK. I'll be trying it over the weekend.

    On a related issue I have also purchased the DM602 Modem to replace my BTO/USB modem. Both the Modem and router come with instructions but both ignore the fact that you may be starting off with both items. Anybody have any ideas?

    I had thought I should get the modem working first and then add the router. Good idea? Any tips welcome.

    Cheers, Alan
  4. I did exactly the same thing :) I bought the D-Link DSL-300+ ethernet modem and then bought the router.

    My advice, since many modems dial using the MAC address of your network card (for ethernet modems like the DM602) I recommend starting up the netgear router and connecting it to the network. Find out it's WAN MAC address and enter it in the network settings of the Network card on your computer. (Under device manager as network address).

    This will give your PC network card the mac address of the routers WAN port.

    Now connect it to the modem. The reason we have faked your routers MAC address is you will configure your modem using this address. If the DM602 is anything like the Dlink mopdem I have only the computer the modem was configured with can cause the modem to connect. So if we fake the address of the router, when we actually connect the router to the Modem then the router can trigger the modem to dial.


    Now confuigure the modem to connect and verify the settings. Now set your address back to normal (in the network card settings for network address say use default).

    This bit is simple, configure the router, tell it to obtain the IP address automatically since the modem give the router the address (even if the ADSL provider assigns you static IP).

    The mac address thing really threw me when I tried to do it until I figured what had happend. However the DM602 is USB too isnt it? SO you might be able to configure it using that first.

    I know my instructions dont make too much sense. What I recommend is if you arent quite as network advanced as I am, and I have missed something out (due to being tired) E-mail me at:

    (The reason for saying (at)and (dot) instead of @ and . is because I dont want to risk being spammed.)

    E-mail me and I might be able to explain in full after sitting down and writing it carefully.

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