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I need to find info on DVD ripping benchmarks!!
i need the fastest video extract speed possible~

Also does anyone see a problem with me having 2-3 DVd drives ripping different movies at the same time?each drive will be set to master on the own channel going to 2-3 different H.D`s each master also on there own channel,im hoping i can get this done with a promise 133 controler card.You think i might have to invest into a 3ware or something??
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  1. I did not think that was possible, but having read up on the promise 133 controller card, I have learned a lot myself, and think it is possible.

    Wouldn't you need a 2core cpu though?
  2. There all NON-protected movies pubile domain...

    Evenm with a good dual core CPU you will have trouble. Just burning a single DVD is very CPU intencive. The more drives you add for burning will start reducing the speed. Adding a second HDD and burner would alt least double the time it would take to burn the disks

    I been there before,i do wedding videos and tryed to "burn" multi sessions slowed down big time...all i need to do is RIP them not burn ..

    Thanks guys!
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    SCSI would be your best bet.The data transfer from drive to HDD is handled by the BUS and not the CPU. SO running a couple of SCSI controlers whould be your quickest rought.

    That would be nice but going to run way way to much money,

    I would love to still know what drive has the fastest video extract speed though or somewhere that shows some DVD benchmarks!

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    I don't think there is much diffrence between drives any more. They all read and write at the same speeds now.

    Some drives are "riplocked" meaning the BIOS limits the speed at which DVDs can be ripped.

    While writing data, the media itself can impact write speeds depending on who the manufacturer is.
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    Thanks for the info.

    No problem. Check out the following site if you want to find out more info:

  6. Quote:
    There all NON-protected movies pubile domain...
    i do wedding videos

    pubile domain? ahh so they're naked wedding movies then, or did you mean public?
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    I hope you doing home movies and not copy writen movies. That wouldn't be smart. Especialy trying to find info in a public place like this where the feds could easily track you down.

    If the feds have nothing better to do than monitor a forum about computers, I think everyone is in serious trouble. They should be keeping an eye on Osama.
  8. Quote:
    pubile domain? ahh so they're naked wedding movies then, or did you mean public?

    I was refurning to my experence of trying to burn multi DVD`s at the same time for my clients wedding video`s and how it slowed down my burnig process.Which has nothing really to do with my post.Now im not really sure how you got naked wedding videos out of the public domain dvd`s i need to rip??But whatever!I hope you were just joking and having fun because i really see no reason how in the world you got that out of the topic?
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