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I thought this was a good deal:

Dell PowerEdge 2650
- 2U 19" Rack server
- Dual Intel Xeon 3.0Ghz met HyperThreading
- 2 GB ECC RAM (2x1GB) met ChipKill technology
- 1 x 74GB Seagate Cheetah 15000rpm U320/SCA SCSI disk
- 2 x Onboard Broadcom GigaBit nic met load balancing en failover support
- Redundant 2 x 500W Power Supply
- Onboard Embedded Remote Access Controller
- Embedded Perc4 hardware RAID controller met 128MByte cache
- Embeded remote access (toegang tot BIOS via netwerk)
- CD-rom + diskette station

I bought this rackserver for 200 euro's = 292 USD from a friend.
Becoaus i already have a server I don't need it and i want to sell it.
What is the price that I can ask for it?
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  1. He sold it to you for $292? Does he know how good of a deal he gave you?

    You can double the price and sell it.
  2. yes he knew... he tried to sell it on auction site for 500$ but as a friend, he sold it to me for $292.

    Now it's time to make some money of it ;)
    thanks for the reply.
  3. Just don't tell him that.
  4. No I won't ;)
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