Benchmarking 2 Dual Cores vs. 1 Quad Core

Has anyone benchmarked and compared the performance differences between similarly specd' dual-cores again 1 quad core?

Would be an interesting test for Tom's Hardware to review.

What would be the positives and negatives for going with a two dual-core setup versus a single quad core (for scientific computing)?
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  1. Can you provide a mainboard which integrate dual sockets LGA 775 which support 1066 MHz FSB and DDR2 memory ?
    I've been searching everywhere but i can't find. Maybe you can help me.
  2. This thread discusses your question and might help:
  3. Clovertown vs. 2x Woodcrest
  4. Looplocal, now you're linking me to another place that was completely out of subject. I was asking a dual socket 775 not 771. They are different. Even 747 and 777 are different.

    So, are there any dual sockets 775 mainboard exists ? If yes, then the bench will be doable.
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