Flashing bios on m2n-sli..Help please

Ok so i am trying to flash my bios to the latest 0609 release, but asus says not to use EZ Flash2 to do it, which i see why because everytime i try too the pc just keeps restarting and i have to down grade to an older version of bios to make pc work again. So my problem is whenever i try to boot with a bootable floppy to DOS it gives me an error saying "Disk I/O Error, Replace and hit any key" what could this mean? what are my options?


Update: Ok so i got my boot disk to work i guess the disk was bad, but as usual whenever i flash my bios anything above ver. 0304 as soon as the windows load screen comes up it just restarts, over and over again. i have reset the cmos so nothing is overclocked either.??
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  1. Hello,

    Asus has always had issues with the BIOS upgrade for the M2N SLI motherboard. I have the software downloaded. I tried to find it on the Asus site to offer it to anyone else, but the link is not showing right now.

    Email me your address at longbeachwalks62@yahoo.com and I'll send it over to you.

    Take care,
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