"Features" on the main page and the Java Update that just came through

Seems the Features frame on the main page has been broken by the Java update that came through on Monday (or the weekend): It's now just a lot of negative space with a loading icon . . . :sweat:

Also: I went to the "TechSupport" link, down near the "Contact Us" link, and it just produces a "404 - tell someone important" message . . . :??:
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  1. I'm having this same problem with my netbook running with FireFox, but with Internet Explorer that "Feature" section works fine. Don't know if it's a Java update that cause this. The odd part about that is, my desktop has the same exact add-on and there is nothing wrong with the site in both FireFox and Internet Explorer.
    For my netbook, I've tried the following and they all don't work

    -Disable all-add ons
    -Tried in Firefox safemode
    -Create a new profile
    -Uninstall flash, and update the latest flash
    -Clear all history with CCleaner, but that don't matter as I've set FF to clear all data every time FF closes.
  2. This is really bothering me. It works in IE and Chrome, but not FF. If this isn't fixed soon I may need to go somewhere else for my hardware news. It is bad enough that they are always behind, but not even showing me their latest stuff on my browser of choice? Come on.
  3. Hi, I'm using Firefox but I do not have any problem with the main page.
    Can you please detail your configuration? Any other issues you are experiencing along with this one?
  4. I've reported the issue as a bug, and the developers will be looking into it.
  5. Do you have AdBlockPlus installed? For some reason, AdBlock Plus caused this problem for me when it's enabled. Once I disabled adblock+ it worked.
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