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I just bought a Sapphire x1950 pro video card that supports VIVO. The Video In is an S-video connector. Does the audio components travel over S-video? I didn't think it did. If it dosen't, what programs can be used to synchronise the video input with the audio input; say from a DVR recorder?

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  1. Audio does not travel along the svideo cable. In your case, the DVR recorder, you will input the video feed via the dongle (VIVO) on the RCA connector side, while the audio will be inserted into the line in of your motherboard, or sound card either via optical/RCA/DIN connector. The software (MS Movie / Pinnacle etc) you use, will sync this automatically, just ensure the line in volume level is enabled and set high enough.
  2. you must use the line in on the soundcard,
    make sure the WDM driver is installed, that driver will syncronize audio and video, on os level so, all software will accept the mixed stream.
    good luck
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