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I just bought a new system but opted for the integrated graphics (which wasnt half bad - 128MB and can run Vista Aero) knowing I could almost surely get a better deal during the holiday season than Dell was offering me. Sure enough, I found them. But I then learned about DX10 and Vista (which I will be getting a free copy of) and thought it best to hold off on spending any substantial money on a new GPU until I get one that's made to utilize the new DirectX. In the meantime I picked up a decent GeForce 7300 for $30 to hold me over. As far as I can see, only the GeForce 8 series is built for DX10, and they're all heavy-duty types thusfar. Does anyone know when a mainstream DX10 card will be available?
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  1. Not this year for sure.

    Likely late February or later.
  2. Next year some time, usualy around summer do the main stream tech start becoming availible. So may, june... Maybe earlier if they though something together, but they have not yet announced it.

    I would wait anyway cause ATI will start offering dx10 cards, and they are surely the future of gamming.... unless they deside dx7 was actualy quite good and worth swtiching back to.
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