2x 7800GTX in SLI vs 7950GT?

Im building my own computer and was planning to get the 7950GT card, but I just saw a mate selling two 7800GTX cards and i was wondering how that would perform in SLI vs a single card?

If better, maybe you can recommend a good (price mid-range) MB that supports the SLI tech?
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  1. How much is he selling them for?
  2. A 7800 GTX is very similar to a 7950 GT. Architecture is identical, the 7800 GTX just has lower clockspeeds. I'd estimate maybe 90% as fast.

    (if it's a 7800 GTX 512mb it's actually faster than a 7950 GT)

    Therefore, two 7800 GTXs in SLI are similar to two 7950 GTs in SLI.
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