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Hi everyone. I'm new to overclocking and I just built my system with an 8800 GTS and I'd like to overclock it. My system specs are Core 2 Duo E6700 @ 3.5 GHz (1400 FSB 10x multiplier), 2 GB DDR2 800 MHz RAM @ 5-5-5-12 timings, and an nforce 680i motherboard. So what I'm confused about is what the speeds/voltages of the SPP, MCP, PCI-e x16 slot, and HT Link need to be at to overclock the video card. Do I need to change anything on these to increase performance? The SPP is at 3,125 MHz/1.250v, the MCP is at 2,500 MHz/1.500v, The HT Link is at 1.450v, and I have no idea what the speed of the PCI-e slot is or if that even matters. I also set the Core bus of the 8800 GTS to 600 MHz (from 513 stock) and the Memory bus to 900 MHz (from 792 stock). The system seems to be stable but again, I don't know how good of an overclock that is. Also is it a good idea to apply thermal paste to the GPU or would that void the warranty? Thanks for any advice.
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  1. unfortunately you cannot D/L coolbits and use it, as it no longer works for the 8800's series drivers(i think), HOWEVER you can use Ntune snice you like me have an 8800GTS and 680I to OC the Video card, however i have tried to OC my card and find i VERY UNSTABLE OCed to anything even the tiniest amount can crash you comp.
  2. Coolbits works fine with my 8800GTX and the latest drivers.

    nTune works fine on non-nVidia boards now.
  3. Have you had any problems OCing your 8800GTX? because my GTS like i said eailer as soon as i OC by Ntune it becomes unstable.
  4. I used nTune and was able to get a customer's computer stable at 654/866 with an XFX 8800GTS. If yours is unstable it could be a number of factors. How big is your PSU? Is the cooling provided to the card adequate, etc?
  5. I got a 450W Rosewill and i have an VGA cooler right under the 8800GTS so at load its usualy 62 degrees C. I was able to OC my 8800GTS to 700/900 but when i ran 3dmark 06 it crashed within the first test.
  6. Quote:
    I got a 450W Rosewill and i have an VGA cooler right under the 8800GTS so at load its usualy 62 degrees C. I was able to OC my 8800GTS to 700/900 but when i ran 3dmark 06 it crashed within the first test.

    Well, for one, you need to get a better power supply. Also, 700 on the core seems like too much. I would suggest starting @ 600/900. Check for stability and go up from there.

    Oh yeah, also, I use ATI Tool to overclock my 8800 gts. Works really well.
  7. Well, right around 650 seems to be the upper limit for GPU overclocking, at least with the stock cooler. Try stepping it back to the settings I mentioned earlier and see if it's stable. You should definately invest in a better PSU, at least a 500W model, 450 is about the bare minimum to run a system such as yours at default speed.
  8. Main problem overclocking the 8800GTX is that it is voltage starved.

    The voltage mod is easy, but then you really need better cooling.

    If I could get nTune to stay at 100% fan speed rather than need to be reset each boot, I'd try it.
  9. Have not tryed coolbits on my GTS and nTune is verry pickey.
    As soon as I try to OC it becomes unstable.

    Using ATI tools now and it works great.

    Currently testing @ 630/920.
    Seems stable sofar, but I haven't gotten to deep into the tests yet.

    If anyone knows how to keep the fan at 100% even after reboot I am shure it could be pushed it further.

    Also, I have heard that bumping the voltage works wonders but have not found a way to do it yet.

    But my ADD kicks in :)

    To the OP, You don't have to do anything in the bios to OC your GTS.
    It is all done with software in windows.
    I would recomend ATI tools and a base setting of 580/850 to keep it on the safe side.
    If everything tests fine, try upping it a little at a time.

    Hey darkstar....
    Just how easy is the voltage mod???
  10. Clicky

    That's for the 8800GTX though, the GTS has a different board layout.

    I'm an electronics tech so soldering doesn't scare me :) The vRAM mod can be done with a pencil tho.
  11. Very nice read!

    1.26VGPU and 1.95VMEM stock under load.
    Nice to know!
    Wish they told what the voltage came out to after mod's, tho.

    QC2 @ 4.5GHz............

    Wish I had time/$$/expertice to do that :D

    I hear that it is also poss to OC the stream processor.
    Stock @ 1350MHz I think?
    Wonder what kind of increases are to be had when I find an app to do that!!
  12. Hahaha, you would absolutely KILL folding@home with a OC'd stream processor. Thanks for the link Darkstar, too bad no GTS layout though! I've only sold one GTX, but we've gone through about a dozen GTS's, they seem to be more popular, no doubt cuz they're 200 less and still perform better than almost anything. So it would be nice to be able to OC them higher than 650/866.
  13. Heres an interesting article from the boys on the other side of the big pond that used Powerstrip to overclock the 8800 GTS.

  14. Is there a reason behind OC'ing an 8800 series? Because honestly my 7900GT crushes everything I throw at it and it just seems like an 8800 is overkill by itself until we can actually play DX10 games.
  15. Just like Ocing your 7900GT, when you OC an 8800GTS you see a 20% gain in performance, mount that up with that it already kills every DX9 card and you got yourself a 400$ killer
  16. The reason I overclock my 8800GTS is the same reason that I overclock everthing else.

    It's my hobby :wink:

    It also feels good to know that your hardware is more powerfull than anything that will be avaliable for the next 6 months.

    Hey brew...
    What's up with your link??
    I can't get it to work.
  17. Guys are You using stock cooling for this overclocking? If yes, how about temperatures?
  18. Stock cooling and fan settings.

    Idle ~52C
    Load OC'ed ~81C

  19. Thats weird. I've stopped on 602/950 and got 81-84C in "in-game-action". You did not modify fan settings, did you?
  20. No, but I have a shat load of fans on my case.

    Your temps are not that high, but if you are worried about them use nTune and set your fan speed to 100% everytime you start windows.
  21. Well, You know, my last card was GF 6600GT + Pentagram Freezone 80 AlCu cooler and I always had much loooower temps, like 50-65C :) But, well, now I gained new experience! Lets run Gothic or Fear, play for few minutes and do some barbecue on this heat - that's a new motto :)
    Too bad, nTune is not running properly so I stay with Ati Tool. Besides, my system is stable with these temps so I try o/c'ing tomorrow.

  22. Have you taken a look at riva tuner? they just finalized the beta and it allows 100 percent fan at boot or any percentage below. I set mine up at 70% to cut down on noise just in case so it always runs at 70% or more. I can't be sure it suports the 8800 series cards but its worth a look.
  23. Well just to give you an example, i have an EVGA 8800 gts 640 running in an antec 900 case (all fans medium). I oced mine to 670/1020 its 100% stable and peaks at 72 C. I have a 600 W PSU. It required no voltage mod and i did notice something. I had mine oced to 670/1000 and i noticed it would flash to a black screen during canyon flight in 3dmark06. I raised it to 1020 on the mem and that eliminated that black flash, u dont always need to increase voltage to push it higher just try tweaking ur clocks. I used powerstrip to overclock. My stock system score was 9600, after i oced my Q6600 to 3.00 ghz, ddr2 800 at 1000 mhz 5-5-5-18 and my GTS to 670/1020 i achieved 12600. The GTS overclocks really well.
  24. I know that I'm posting to a very old thread, but here goes:
    EVGA NVIDIA 680i SLI mobo
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, OC from stock 2.4 to 3.2 GHz, 1.4v (very stable under any stress load I throw at it)
    EVGA 8800 GTS (no voltage tweaks, it seems to be 1.300v stock)
    650 watt Antec TruePower Trio (three 12volt power rails)
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    I'm using newest OC utilities from EVGA and they work super.
    http://www.evga.com/support/download/default.aspx to download :

    (Get both)
    1) EVGA Precision (or just "Precision") (released 2 Sept. 2011)
    2) EVGA OC Scanner (or just "OC" or "OC Scanner") (released 9 August 2011)

    Just d/l and install.

    Now, run Precision, set Core Clock, Shader Clock (or just leave "linked" to
    Core Clock and let it adjust up or down with adjustments to Core Clock),
    Memory Clock, and Fan Speed.

    Then click on "Apply", then "Test".
    Clicking on "Test" will make OC Scanner pop up

    With OC Scanner you'll see a ton of info:

    The core, shader, memory, and volts, GPU temp, load, and fan.
    (I've noticed the fan speed is more accurately depicted on Precision than OC Scanner,
    so I keep an eye on it there.)
    Also has "GPU Stress Test" button which brings up a window that puts a pretty
    good load on your GPU (you can adjust the size of this window to just about any preset,
    or use "Custom" or just plain "Fullscreen"

    Here's what I tried so far:
    Core Shader Memory Fan speed Load temp (normally runs at 56 to 58C without load.)
    675 1563 (linked) 910 100% 74C Seems to run pretty stable (no screen flashing or artifacts)

    While on the subject of artifacts, keep an eye on your gadgets in the sidebar, they will
    start flashing, ripping, and other carrying on quicker than anywhere else on the screen.
    (That means it's time to reduce some settings in Precision)

    Then I tried:
    675 core, 1563 (linked)shader, 925 mem., 100% fan, ~75C load temp. At about 45 seconds I got video flashing, major artifacts,
    and finally complete black screen (video drivers did not reset as usual after a crash (had to re-boot computer)

    That was just with a fairly minor memory OC (from 910 to 925)!

    Dropped back to 650 core, 1505 shader (linked), 825 memory, and 100% fan.
    Seems very stable but temp climbed to 80C for some reason.

    A white paper on 8800 GTS I read a while back stated that 105C is the absolute maximum temp., so never
    approach it closely (I'd say about 95C max) or exceed it under any circumstances.

    So, somewhere around 675 core, 1563 shader, 900 memory, 100% fan is close to the max I can get out of my 8800 GTS, as configured.

    There are no BIOS settings changed, just stock for video voltage and some other video settings that can be changed.

    Anyway, that's about my 2 cents worth.

  25. My experience - i managed to get my inno 3d 8800gts 640mb OC edition to 675mhz core (shaders staying in sync with the core cant remember what mhz) and 1090mhz ram with stock cooler for every day use never getting above 87C in furmark at 100% fan speed. Use MSI afterburner and adjust the fan profile as needed to keep temps down. I also ran a lower fan and underclock profile for desktop use and only OC'd when gaming. I had also re-seated the stock heatsink with AS5 thermal paste, which dropped temps a couple of degrees. I still have the card packed away in a box. I have now just read how old this thread is........and i feel stupid................
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