Upgrade my Nvidia GEForce FX5200 w/what?

I have a sony with 1.5gigs and the 5200 128mb. It will play my Nba and Tiger Woods game but fails durning TopSpin2. I have been reading and want to obviously upgrade. I have found a good deal on the 7600gs from buy.com for $50 a/r. But its a pci express(I have no idea if this will work with my comp), because I thought there was explanation saying that will not work if the cpu is not upgraded. Help is needed here for future gaming.
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  1. Ummmm........

    Need a little more information on what your system is before i could recomend an upgrade path.

  2. sony rz54g
    The manual says i can use agp or pci. Concerning pci e I have no clue of how to determine if that is here. I have not performed any actions to upgrade this computer except by adding ram. It also says that I have 8X AGP 3D graphics hardware acceleration, if that means anything. I hope this helps.
  3. The 5200 wasn't released in PCI-E format, so,

    Make sure anything you get is AGP. Do NOT buy a card that is PCI-express, such as the 7600 that I'm sure you're referencing for 50 bucks.

    Without more info on the system, however, its pretty hard to make a recommendation beyond that.

    Since its a sony, its probably got a P4 in it. I'm sure you could go anything agp from either the 6000 series or the 7000 series without any problems. Of course there's always ATI, but going from an nvidia to an ATI card would be a driver NIGHTMARE, not to mention that the ATI drivers are notoriously bad. This is definitely unfortunate, as the hardware that they produce is top rate.

    If you do decide to consider ATI, go with anything AGP from their x000 line and the x1000 line. In both companies' cases those are the two most recent product lines (excluding the 8800 from Nvidia) and will perform leaps and bounds better than the 5200 that you have in there now. Good Luck!

  4. As you will see in the picture, there are several slots on the upper left half of the board. There is one yellow one, five white ones and a brown one.

    Ignore the yellow one, as it is a proprietary part of the motherboard that has nothing to do with this discussion.

    As you go left from the yellow's position, you'll see the first white slot. That is a PCI-express slot. More specifically it is PCI-express x16. The one next to it is a PCI-express x1 slot. The one next to the PCI-express x1 slot is the brown AGP 8x slot. The other three slots are regular PCI slots.

    As you can see, there are physical differences between different standards. There are electrical differences as well, but suffice it to say a card that is designed for one slot will not fit in another kind of slot.

    Your computer has an AGP slot, the brown one in the illustration. Your computer also has at least three, if not more of the regular PCI slots that were illustrated to the left of the agp slot. Your computer requires a video card of the AGP variety, which is becoming harder and harder to come by, as PCI-express is taking its place as the graphics standard. However, I doubt you will have any trouble finding one this time of year, as they still produce them, and most major (and many minor) e-tailers and retailers carry them still.

    Edit: Sorry about the double post. Musta typed his second question while I was typing my first post. Figured I'd answer it.
  5. Here it is

    And here is a video card that will work for you.

    This is as good as it gets for your system. Without pci-e support your choices are rather limited.
    You could still get a 7600gs if you wanted but you would be looking at ~$130 for it.
  6. Thanks for helping with the explanations. Obviously a newbie here concerning the graphics cards.
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