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I am thinking about volt modding my 7600GT to try to eek some extra performance out of it, but I have never tried it before. So, I'm wondering what the risk/benefit would be. I already have my card OC'd to 640/1700, so I'm not sure if I am going to get much more speed out of it even if I volt mod it. However, it still runs pretty cool (~45c under load), so I might be able to get clock speeds higher... I don't know. What do you think?

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  1. Well, I found some guides online actually. They are for the "pencil" style volt mod. I'm not exactly an electrician, so I'm not sure how the pencil mod would affect life expectancy of the card.
  2. As far as I know, a pencil style volt mod would not do any more damage than any other volt mod would do. Keep in mind that you are increasing the voltage through the chip, so its gonna have a shorter life, but hopefully you won't be using the card by the time that it burns out.

    In any case, a pencil mod (in my opinion) is one of the safest you could do. All you do is take a normal #2 pencil and shade it in. If ever you feel like not overclocking, you could just flip the pencil over and erase the volt mod from existence.

    Risks and benefits of doing the overclock here are just the same as with overclocking the motherboard/processor, except for the fact that you'll only burn the card rather than the whole system. Just take it easy and don't kill it on your first try. That wouldn't be very fun, no would it?

    A couple years ago, I overclocked the crap out of my old fx5200 and actually doubled the 3dmark03 score of that card. Too bad I pushed it too far and started to fry on me. The 3d circuits (apparently) got fried, so it would still do the 2d desktop, just not anything 3d at all. 'Twas a sad day for me, but ok, as I just bought a new one (cheap even then) and went on. Good luck.
  3. The nice thing about the pencil method is that it's reversible. You'd see more danger from the increased temperatures than from the pencil by itself doing damage, unless you purposefully screwed something up.

    I wouldn't do it personally because I don't want to take my working video card apart. But if it doesn't bother you at all, go for it.

    Let us know how it goes. You might have a crazy overclocker on your hands!
  4. So have you actually run a pencil mod for a long period of time (e.g. a year)?
  5. No, haven't been that lucky/cautious, sorry. That one that I was speaking of only lasted a week, but I was new to overclocking and really went overboard. After that I was afraid to do it again, as that was all the cash I had, and I haven't really tried it since. Although I could, I do have a spare video card lying around....
  6. Yeah, it seems like the biggest risk is, indeed, frying my GPU. The pencil mod itself seems somewhat safe.

    The biggest pain is that I'll need to buy a multimeter to measure the voltage. But, I probably need one anyway so I guess that's not such a big deal.

    Anyway, yeah, I think I have a good OCer on my hands here, because my temps with my current OC are well below what I was getting with stock OC on stock cooler. Plus, I can always grab myself a Thermalright HR-03 + fan if it gets too hot.
  7. I have a 6600GT that had been pencil modded for about 10 months until I upgraded. I erased it and installed it in my cousins PC and it is still running perfect. Put a little piece of Scotch tape over the resistor to prevent the graphite from slowly blowing off from case airflow. It may or may not happen, but when you are about to get your 20th headshot in a row, you don't want a sudden artifact to blind you :P
  8. Well, if both of us suddenly disappear from the Forumz, you can all safely assume that volt modding turned out to be fatal so don't try it. Or, maybe with our 100% increase in performance we are spending all of our time playing Oblivion with everything maxed out. Either or. ;)
  9. Thanks man. What kind of OC did you get from 6600? Did you use stock cooling?
  10. Where did you find info on volt modding a 6600? I have a 6600 and a 2 7600GT cards and I would rather play with the 6600 because I have it out of a system right now. Any suggestions?
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