TYAN K8SRE (S2891) - RAID 1 for best performace?


I just got a TYAN K8SRE motherboard and want to connect two SATA-II harddiscs (Seagate 7200rpm, 300GB) to the internal NForce 2200 controller.

At the dataflow diagram I saw that It has 3GBit/s on SATA Port 1+2 and another 3GBit/s on SATA Port 3+4.

Does this logically mean that it makes sense to connect one harddisk at Port 1 and the second harddisk at Port 3? If I connect the HDDs on Port 1+2 I see a possible bottleneck, but don't know if this assumption is true.

I appreciate any help!
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  1. I recommend asking the guys at www.2cpu.com.
  2. You would really need to look at the datadiagram included in the manual to see how each channel maps out. Typically speaking each pair (0/1 and 2/3 etc) will go to a seperate "half"/ data channel but end up going through the same controller that has to process it so you wouldn't really see a difference. You may also want to look at adding 2more HDDs and configuring them for RAID 1+0 if your budget and board will allow.
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