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I have 2 computers at home, one sempron 3000 and an X2 3800, with a total of 768 gigs of HD space. The sempron is basically just a file server but I need to make a high speed link between the two computers because right now I have everything hooked through my di-604 router and file transfers take forever!! 15 minutes just to transfer a dvd (4.3 gigs). the sempron has 2 ethernet ports, one gigabit and one 10/100 and my x2 has one 10/100/1000. Please advise on how to setup a better file transfer system.

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  1. It would all depend on how much you are willing to spend :)
    The easiest solution would be to purchase a gigabit switch or a new router that has a gigabit switch in it.
    The Netgear ProSafe GS105 would be a good option for an inexpensive gigabit switch.
  2. thank you, I will certainly check into a new router, since I almost bought one last month anyway.
  3. just to extend the topic, what about the cabling???

    i mean, will CAT5e cable be ok to use or should one consider CAT6 cabling. reason ive brought this up, is, if you are investing money into a gigabit router, why not get CAT6 cable, its supposed to be used for gigabit network (higher frequency).

    would anyone agree with this. im also in the process setting up a gigabit lan. i run mostly apple mac's + 2 xp pro's.

    i share a lot of media content between my pc's. also i will be setting up a media center-microsoft or front row-apple box. therefore the network will always be busy with video content.

    thanks in advance
  4. Cat5e is rated up to 1,000MB, I just wouldn't take it much over 50 meters or so. If your runs are going to be over that go for Cat6.
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