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I have recently put a RAID 0 WD raptor 300g in place and when ever I cold boot I get a 50/50 chance that I get a screen dump and a reboot. On reboot I see one of the raptors takes 10 to 20 secons to initialise. Once second reboot happens the system works fine. Is it my drive or memory or what?
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  1. A drive shouldn't take 20 seconds to spin up, but if you bios supports drive spinup delay, you may want to turn it on.
  2. Thanks for the input, i will check this out of the weekend. I agree 20 second spin up is unacceptable.
    NIce idea about the BIOS, I have a recent (2010) MO so I think it should support the dealy. I will check.
    If not then I have two choices.
    Live with it: since it ONLY happens when I boot then works jsut fine.
    Or re-install one a single disk and try all over :cry:
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