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I just created a new account: cgtueno
I clicked the activation link in the email that I received, and I got a "Service unavailable" web page. I clicked it again and got the response that:

'Your email could not be confirmed. Either you have already confirmed it or the link that you clicked is incorrect. If you have already confirmed your account, please sign in by providing your username and password. Otherwise, please contact a moderator or an administrator for further assistance.'

Has my account been activated ? If not would you please manually activate this account for me since I cannot do it from the confirmation email link.


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  1. I think your account/email has been activated judging by the number points you currently have.
  2. Yep, 50 for making the account, 50 for confirming the email, 10 for starting this thread. The remaining 15 came from wherever your second post is. Did you start a question thread somewhere (that would be 15)?

    Edit: Plus your third post you just made while I was writing this, +4.
  3. Hi

    Thanks for the assist guys.
    I have the confirmation Email now, and all is working successfully.
    Sounds like there was a glitch somewhere in the site's confirmation processing.

    Problem resolved
  4. Yep, getting the email confirm to work is the second hardest part of this site (the search function is the hardest).
  5. There is a glitch, and we're working to narrow it down. It's actually a problem with our ISP, and we're trying to troubleshoot the issue. It's happening for more than one persons.
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