BFG Tech GeForce 7800GS 256MB

I have no choice but to go with this card but i was wondering if there is any other option beside upgrading my mobo and everything else...maybe getting a ati card that is better than that 7800gs that is for agp...I would appreciate any help...thanks

i was also wondering if i would be able to run bf2142 on high with this card
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  1. x1950pro is the best agp card right now, but I'm pretty sure its still overpriced. The agp ones are close to $300 where the PCIX ones are uner $200.
  2. I hear that ati is suposed to release a 1950xt agp.

    Don't know if they really will or not though.............

    7900gs is as good as it gets for you.
  3. A 7600GT AGP performs about the same as a stock clocked 7800GS AGP and is cheaper ($190 vs $236) and much better for price/performance.

    On Newegg, the x800GTO AGP is also an excellent value ($135) and performer if you can live without Shader Model 3.0 support.
  4. I say stay with the 7800GS 16 pipelines and faster, i doubt the 7600GT AGP(if you can find them) would be better. the 7800GS only run 200+ at newegg.

    If you can try to find the GAINWARD BLISS 7800GT AGP it has a full 24 pipelines and is basically the 7900GT a la AGP.
  5. If you are in the USA, BestBuy retail stores have the Visiontek X1950 pro AGP in stock for $299. Overpriced, but it's way better than a 7800GS and worth it if the rest of your system is up to par.

    I'd wait for this one to appear in stock. 512MB and $250 shipped. It just may end up being the best performing AGP gaming card that will ever be made.
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