Best PCI-e under $200?

Hey, just need some help deciding what is the best PCI-e vga card that is under $200. Doesn't matter either ATI or Nvidia, just the best performance.

Right now I am looking at the 7900GS, or X1800GTO.

Should I wait for the next D10 cards to come out? Will they be under $200 or what?

If you need any more info, just let me know.
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  1. Here is a cool site to help you decide. Check it out.
  2. The 7900 GS is selling at Best Buy for $200. (Not a good deal anymore)

    If you are looking for a card at exactly $200, look at the X1950 Pro. It is on average, 15.9% faster (average for all resolutions) than the 7900 GS.

    Here's a breakdown for specific resolutions:
    Resolution < 1.0MP (1024x768) - 12% Faster
    1.0MP < Resolution < 1.5MP (1280x1024) - 20.6% Faster
    1.5MP < Resolution (1600x1200) - 25.2% Faster

    (Data for relative performance is from Tom's VGA Charts. Performance numbers are based on all benchmarks (with the exception of 3DMark))

    To mpilchfamily:
    I think your new avatar is a better choice than the W=V*A

    Edit: 7900 GS is now $200 at Best Buy.
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