Core2Duo E6300 Overclocking Question

How far can i get my processor with this build:

Gigabyte GA 945P-S3 - Motherboard (from review im told this can get 350 FSB)
Ram - 1 gig of (forgot name of Company) speed is 533 Memory ( will provide more info on this tomoz).
Cooling is stock retail cooler.

How far will i most likely be able to get this while keeping under say 60 degrees celcius.
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  1. The S3 can get you in excess of 400 FSB. Your memory may be a limiting factor though. Read the OC guide in this forum, and take it as high as you can. 333 should be obtainable, not sure about 350 with the 533 ram, but I don't think it's impossible.
  2. I had the Gigabyte GA 945P-S3 before I upgraded to the P5B Deluxe and I could not get past 362 on the FSB because of the board's incremental VCORE adjustments. I would suggest going with at least 667 Ram to get the most out of the E6300 and that board. The board is really stable and should give you good overclocking capabilities for the money.
  3. Quote:
    Gigabyte GA 945P-S3

    Oops, I misread that. :oops: My eyes automatically read 965. Sorry.
  4. I think the ram is holding back the CPU on the oc'ing. Try 667 or 800 for higher results.
  5. what about overclocking memory ?
  6. I have a similar setup, Core2Duo E6300 1.83Ghz on an Abit AB9 Pro (965 chipset). I was running the board at 460Mhz, so 3.22Ghz, with the ram on 533fsb (1:1) 920Mhz (667Mhz). Thats about 167%. Then I upgraded the ram to corsair cas4 epp xms2 twinx at £50 a stick. The ram runs happily up to 1200Mhz but required a flash of the bios. The bios flash limited my bus speed to 425Mhz - about 3GHz. So I sent the board to abit for an free upgrade. They decided to replace it and now the bus if free again. However, after breaking the cpu/heatsink thermal compound, I'm running about 10degrees hotter on idle even after renewing the paste. This is limiting me to about 3.2Ghz still. When I get some more I'm sure I will hit at least 3.5Ghz - depending on the mobo and cpu tolerances. Currently, the cpu is at default voltage, but I have maxed out the northbridge 1.45, southbridge 1.7V and memory 2.3V for stability. Only running a 350W psu, and 2x80mm standard case fans.

    Not bad for a £20 case, £115 cpu, although the mobo was £105 its rock solid, and passively cooled. (The original 512mb 667Mhz ram which ran at 900Mhz was £26!)
  7. mmm i have the same !

    abit ab9pro but 256 x 2 (corsair) and its running at 50 C ! = ( and everything are stock ! I HATE MY e6300 -.- ! on saggitta case !
    i was more happy with my 3700 512 x 2 corsair & 6600gt running at 28 C
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