Can't find some settings in GeForce 6600 Control Panel

I downloaded the most recent driver from Nvidia for my GeForce 6600 (the none GT version) and I use the said card for a balanced area of gaming. I can play Half Life 2 reasonable well and can enjoy Counter Strike: Source on it through server gameplay with multiable players and whatnot.

But, after playing Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion for the past few weeks, and having my card crash on me for damning it with a slightly too high setting, I took the hint and restored the default setting for Medium the next time I loaded the game. Now I get none of the crashes I used to get, also with the aid of testing the heat coming from the exhaust every half hour or so and resting it.

Now, to lean away from this spec. journal prose and actually get to the point - I'm missing some of the settings for the Control Panel driver from Nvidia. When entering the 3D Settings tab for the Control Panel, I don't have the options for overclocking or Monitor CPU Temperature. I don't know if my level of card does or does not allow such settings; and if any other users with the same card are having the same problem, or others could offer any advice for this issue, I would greater appreciate it.

What do you think? Maybe try a redownload of the driver? Or just suck it up and stop trying to put more on my tortured cards mind, when Oblivion gives it more then enough to think of already?
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  1. Thank you, Mpilch, for the timely help. I'll try out the update first thing in the morning and report back how well it went.
  2. aaah... the fabled coolbits registry tweaks...
    Amazing how that very same tweak still works. The overclocking part dates back to the TnT days!
  3. Well, as predicted it works great. I have not had the pleasure of tweaking the settings just yet, but it's pleasing to see and option there that was covered in the Index page of the driver. I seem to be missing a few other options, but this one change is enough for me at the moment.

    Thanks, again.
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