Building new build keep old HD

I want to upgrade from a Pentium II to a P4.

That means new MB, RAM, CPU, (Possible GPU)

1 Can I keep the old HD with everything on it or must I format it for the new build??

2 Are there LGA775 MB out there that still use AGP??? (I dont want to buy a new GPU)??
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  1. 1)Since you are changing chipsets, it is recommend that you reinstall the Operating System.

    2)This motherboard supports both AGP and PCIe:
    You might want to make the jump to the newer video card format, as well as all the other new items format. You will get better performance.
  2. I really dont want to touch the HD at all if possible.... is it possible? A reinstall will take too much time... and I dont think she has a legit copy of windows!

    To be honest I dont need to make the jump to PCIe, The old laday I'm upgrading it for does not play games, just surfs the net, read e mails, likes to view pics of her grand kids etc etc.

    At the moment her PII freezes all the time and has only 64mb of EDO ram!!!
  3. Make a backup of your old HD and get yourself a new one. This thing won't boot with a setup that different. And you're running win 98 or something I guess? allthemore a reason to get a new disc and not even try using the old one. 100:1 that it doesn't work...
  4. Just suggest an el cheapo eMachine or Dell.. and I mean el cheapo.. like the $250 variety. The bonus here is the inclusion of an OS. Every part gets an upgrade. It's much more cost-effective, she gets free tech support (ie. not you), free warranty, and parts are guaranteed compatible. Hook up old drive as a slave and copy over her pics, e-mails, bookmarks, etc. to the new drive.

    Come on, do you really want to deal with that dusty old machine? You will have to reformat and reinstall the OS. Between the chipset, RAM, and processor, Win98 (I'm guessing?) won't know what hit it.
  5. you can do it but the amount of trouble and work
    is horrendous ,, need os install disk and every driver
    (chipset,video etc) to get it to work maybe
    have done it a couple of times but not really worth it

    go with fluff or qwertycopter suggestion
    makes life much easier
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