Tom's Hardware?

Curious to see how many of you regard the TH forum as the best.
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  1. toms hardware is the only one i know quick replies
  2. What? You mean there's others besides this one??

  3. What criteria do we use to evaluate what forum is the "best"? I don't really consider any the best, since they are all different. They have various community sizes, a different "atmosphere", different levels of knowledge, etc.
  4. Well I'm here, and I'm too lazy to make an account elsewhere, so I guess THG!

    Seriously though I'd go with randomizer's answer. It depends on what you need, what the site caters toward, and the experts on that site. Read the sites for the while, choose one to join, and see if you like it.
  5. I voted Tom's Hardware.
    If I had the option I would have voted for the site in my sig lol ...but Tom's Hardsware is my other favorite! I was a fan of JG but they kicked me out :-(
  6. shovenose said:
    I voted Tom's Hardware.
    If I had the option I would have voted for the site in my sig lol ...but Tom's Hardsware is my other favorite! I was a fan of JG but they kicked me out :-(

    What did you do ?
  7. I'm not sure.
    But when they banned my first account then I got pissed off and created another account and wrote rude stuff and spammed them.

    But that was a few months ago...
    And I still read their reviews, they are the best! (well besides those on my site lol)
  8. Where but Tom's can you ask a question about your PC, your favorite game, your smartphone, your car, and your home theater on one site?
  9. It depends. Just for general forum usage, questions, news, and pretty much everything else, Tom's is easily the best. If I'm looking for a review on something, though, I typically go to either Overclockersclub or Guru3D... sorry, Tom's. :D Don't worry... you're still the second homepage on my list under Google. :sarcastic:

    Honestly, if you ask me, the Head-Fi forums are actually up there with my favorites - I don't know what it is about that place, but it always seems to be just an atmosphere of leisurely discussion, conversation, and comparison. It's like we're all in mutual agreement over there... ;) Just sit back and admire the headphone selection along with everyone else.

    The only thing that I feel could be better about Tom's is the way that a lot of newcomers compete for best answer or to have their recommendation picked over someone else's... I guess that just goes along with the subject matter, though, doesn't it.
  10. Let me clarify when i said that toms hardware was the best...
    -i find this forum to be the best because i can get an answer the fastest and the answers are usually pretty helpful and accurate. even though i see some threads where some totally bs answer was voted as best answer...
    -i think the reviews suck. theyre biased crap and companies pay to get better ratings
    -the articles are sometimes good, sometimes usuless crap
    -the system builder marathons are my favorite...
  11. I personally enjoy Toms for the community. However, after a 18mo break, the community has changed :( so now I am attempting to like you guys all over again. Give me time :)

  12. Voted for Tom's as well.
    I check guru3d forums sometimes but it's no where as good as Tom's IMO.
    Also in Tom's,most of the times,the questions are answered quickly(which is one of the reasons I joined here 3 years ago)
  13. I voted for Tom's for the simple reason its diversity! There are better forums for individual aspects but not nearly as diversified.
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