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Draft 802.11n wireless gear is out, but in short supply. Have you tried to buy?
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  1. my option wasnt there, found and couldnt afford yet.
    when i buy i will buy a access point istead of a ROUTER, as i dont use integrated parts
  2. Tried a Netgear Draft-n Access Point with the Marvel Top-Dog chip. Worked nice witha Draft-n PCMCIA card - hit 85megabit with this card (I don't know what they are smoking when they claim 300megabit) but it was pathetic with any old 802.11b or g clients. Honestly, less than 5megabits. So I returned it. Yuck!
  3. Using a D-Link DIR-655 Draft n router with the Draft n adaptor built into the HP 9417ca laptop. I find speeds are more consistent and faster when not too close to the actual router (other wireless G products consistently maintain 54mbps) with speeds varying from 2mbps to 270mbps, averaging 216.
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