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I was just wondering, has anyone else experienced long loading times on the THG website lately? I get a lot of "the connection has timed out" messages. Seems like this site is the only one with this problem, so I'm pretty sure it's not my connection. Maybe the servers are overloaded or something..........
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  1. Is it still giving you problems? May have just been temporary maintenance, or a glitch on your ISP's end.
  2. The forum fails to load at all most often when using IE8. The few times Tom's Forum will load using IE, the process is exceedingly slow. Google Chrome also fails to load, but far less often than IE. Several submit/replys have been lost due to this the past week. This started happening several days ago.
  3. I'm using Firefox, so it's probably not the browser. You're probably right jpishgar, might just be maintenance. Ah well, nothing I can do about it
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