I keep running across a post from a newcomer on a rare occasion that is spamming about some "fantastic product" or linking to junk. Has toms' ever thought of putting a 24hr delay in the ability to post for newcomers who just signed up? not between each post but a 24hr delay between their first post and the creation of their account? I was on another forum and that seemed to help a lot.
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  1. c911darkwolf,

    Thank you for your suggestion, I have brought it up with the other moderators for discussion.

  2. I agree these pay-per-click advertisers should be stopped but if this policy is implemented, could it apply only to posts with links? Genuine first time posters with urgent problems to solve might suffer from a delay.
  3. That's an interesting thought. Forbid URL linking in the first 24-48 hours as a spam prevention technique. Rather advanced for a forum feature, hrm. Worth recommending though - and I'll pass it along to the devs.
  4. A short delay (like a day or two) wouldn't be too bad. It is a pain though when sites require a certain number of posts (say 20+) before allowing links though as that hinders many legitimate posters.
  5. Is there a protocol that can 'isolate and detect' that a certain characteristic of a message is spam?
  6. Its still a problem
  7. ...yes, yes...I see...
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