Installed more memory now system is unstable

If anyone can help me, my system went unstable on me. I have corsair 1GB of ddr2-533 (2 sticks of 512mb). I bought a corsair 2GB kit (2 sticks of 1GB) of ddr2-675 to give my system 3GB total. In the posting screen it did show the 3GB and everything seemed fine. I have the gigabyte ds3 mobo and first when my system is on, it goes to the posting screen (energy star symbol) showing the dual channels, the 2 HDD's, and the DVD-RW. It goes to a second screen that shows all sorts of numbers. The 2 screens are normal. After the 2nd screen its suppose to go to the Windows XP screen instead it restarts and goes back to the posting window. Then I get a window saying that windows loaded unsucessfully. I pressed safe mode and it was acting wierd. I restarted and pressed last known configuration that worked and it went to the desktop but was acting funny, then it restarted again. Im absolutly clueless, can anyone help me please.
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  1. Take each of the new RAM modules out and see if it boots fine, then try adding one at a time and see if maybe one of them is faulty.

    Weird that you have a mobo that supports DDR2-800 and you use 533/675 *shrug*
  2. I took out the sticks and the system runs normally and quickly. I put one of the new sticks in and the post screen showed flex memory and 2GB. Everything went well. a few minutes after i got to the desktop, I was on the internet then I got an error message and it closed. Then none of my games would open.. I took out the stick and put the other one in and same thing. Flex memory wa son post screen and went to desktop. I was able to go onto the internet for a few minutes and then it closed itself. i got an error message then the system restarted without me doing anything.

    Before I bought these 2 sticks of ddr2-675, I asked around and everyone said that the ddr2-675 would run in my system but at ddr2-533 speed. My system doesnt support 675 ddr2?
    I took out my mobo manual and it says supports 1066/800/533 FSB. and note 1 to use ddr2 800/667 memory module on mobo you must install 800/1066mhz FSB processor. Does my mobo support ddr2-675? I took out the 2 ddr2-675 sticks and no problems, do I have to RMA the new sticks? What should I do?
  3. Some memory modules are stubborn and won't downclock to match your FSB. I would check your sticks out specifically and see if this is the case. Did you also try to pop out your original memory and just use one of the new Corsair DDR2 sticks? That might help clear some things up.

    -The String
  4. Yeah try it with JUST the new sticks and see how that works. It might just be a case of two different speed sticks upsetting the mobo. A clock down from 675 to 533 is a pretty big jump. I'm sure if it's just the clock down being the problem, then some BIOS tweaks would most likely solve it. Your mobo definitely supports the sticks no problem.

    Make sure when you try just the two corsairs that you do them in dual-channel.

    Hope it works out.
  5. Thanx. I'm not home at the moment but I will try that. Take out my original ddr2-533 sticks and just put in the ddr2-675 sticks. One question though, when I do change sticks and it works, how do you tweak the bios to allow all sticks? Do i contact Gigabyte?

    *I'll update this reply when I am home later*
  6. I take it that you have your initial 1GB of DDR2-533 modules on "auto detect" settings?

    Try going into your BIOS during boot up and set the memory speeds manually to DDR2-533 speeds rather than leaving it on auto detect.
  7. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you can't mix 533MHz RAM with 667MHz RAM, I'm quite sure the BIOS would find this very disturbing and confusing...
    I believe you got mixed up here:
    If the CPU has a FSB that is higher than the speed of the RAM then the FSB will simply slow down to match the speed of the RAM,
    I've never heard of anybody mixing RAM with different speeds in a system, different sizes...yes, different manufacturers...yes
  8. I have mixed lower speed DDR2 memory without a problem. My Dell came with 2 x 256 @ 400 MHz but the MB also supported 533 Mhz. So I first upgraded by adding 2 x 512 @ 533 MHz. All four sticks worked fine together, running at 400 MHz - I did not have to change any settings, just inserted the new memory. Later I purchased 2 x 1 GB and replaced the 2 x 256 @ 400 MHz so now I have 3 GB @ 533.
  9. I havent mixed manufacturers. All 4 sticks are Corsair. Now I checked first before I bought the sticks and everyone has said that yes I can add the ddr2-675 sticks with my 533 sticks....just that the ddr2-675 sticks will be at 533 speed.
  10. do you agree with the other post about taking all my sticks out and just putting the ddr2-675 in? Do I need a bios tweaking or do I change the memory setting in bios screen?
  11. I took out my 2 ddr2-675 sticks and left my original ddr2-533 sticks. Should I change auto-detect before I put in the new sticks? Or should I follow the other guy by removing all the sticks and just put in the ddr20675 sticks
  12. Just install the 2 1gig sticks of 675 ram and see what happens from there.You should be fine though.I do know that higher speed ram does not always like to be defaulted to a slower speed.Besides,2 gigs is plenty for now.Save your other 2 sticks for another build.That's what I always do when I replace a piece of hardware.I keep it till I have another system to build.Goodluck.


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  13. my giga DQ6 on 2x1gb corsair ddr2 800 and 2x1gb Kingston ddr2 667

    50% OC

    no problem at all

    Intel C2D E6600
    Gigabyte 965P DQ6
    2x1 corsair ddr 2 800c4
    2x1 Kingston value ram ddr2 667
    inno3d 780gb0gtx
    xfi extreme music
    plextor 716sa
    hec win power 550watts
    ThermalTake Aquarius 2
    2 74gb WD raptor raid 0
    2 250gb WD2500KS
  14. Hiyaa. Thank you. Ok i took out all the ram. I just put in the ddr2-675 2GB kit in and everything is fine now. the system is back to being stable. Maybe I'll put the other sticks back in but for now Ill leave it at 2GB

    Thanx for everyones help :)
  15. 2 gig is plenty of RAM, even for Vista...
  16. Some day I would like to see a MB with lots of RAM slots that accepts all kinds of memory - so I could take all these old sticks I have accumulated and plug them into one board.
  17. I would venture to say that voltage/timings had something to do with it. Both may require different settings. It's possible that your 2GB was having a conflict with the timings of the 1GB sticks, or the voltage was too low. The board can't change timings for individual channels, so if your 1GB setup was at 4-4-4-12 and your 2GB required 5-5-5-15, then yeah you may have had some conflicts. Check the timings/voltage settings for each type and see if it's different?
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