Suggestions for first time builder PLZ!

Im about to build a new computer for gaming/media. I work in retail so I have access to Intels bundle of E6300 and the Intel Board DG965WHMKR and Vista ultimate for only $220. I dont plan on SLI since I have heard it is waste of money for now...and tight on money. Here is what I have roughly planned out, please give suggestions and explain why.

CPU: E6300

MOBO: Intel Board DGP965WHMKR

VIDEO CARD: Geforce 7950 GT KO Superclocked

HD: Seagate Barrcuda 7200.10 - 320GB

RAM: 2 GB kit cosair any specific suggestions??

Monitor: 32" Westinghouse LCD 6.5 ms

got case and an Antec 500 Watt power supply

What advantages would getting new MOBO other than overclockking and SLI?? My biggest debate is for the Video DX10 gonna give me crap or will update be fine..or should i wait til more video cards with direct x10 are availabe OR penny pinch and get 8800 GTS..

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  1. Quote:
    Monitor: 32" Westinghouse LCD 6.5 ms

    OR penny pinch

    Did I read that right? A 32 inch LCD? Didn't think you could penny pinch and buy a 32" monitor. :)

    Seriously, if money is a concern... That monitor will be expensive.

    I agree about SLI. The 7950GT should last you a while, and there shouldn't be any issues with dx10. If you wanna save some more money, drop down to the X1950Pro. Doubt you'd notice the difference, and it saves the hard earned moolah.
  2. If you plan on gaming on that machine on resolution native to your monitor - probably like 2500x1400 or something, you'll need a 8800 series nvidia card.

    Not sure why money is a concern but you list a 32" LCD monitor.


    After further googling, are you using this as a monitor?

    An LCD TV? Max PC resolution on that is like 1,366 x 768 which would look like crap if you're going to use it for everyday use - and not like presentations or something.
  3. LCD TV's do not make good Computer Monitors.

    That's why a 30" DELL PC LCD is like $2000, and your LCD TV is $800
  4. Tv is already boughten... got it for 527....thats why i have to penny pinch. If the games to look like crap i can always take it back. But as for the build how does it look? Also should i use RAID if so what kind? im not too familiar with it.

    monitor already looks fine at native res. as PC monitor havent played any real games on it tho...
  5. If you can't notice any difference on your LCD TV, kudos to you and enjoy.
  6. Quote:
    If you can't notice any difference on your LCD TV, kudos to you and enjoy.

    Yeah Looks good, got it set up with OTA HD Antenna, my XBOX 360 and PC. Thinking about buying an HDMI TO DVI cord heheh...
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