How could the Japanese disasters effect electronics?

The effect of the Japanese disasters on electronics?

Can somebody please talk about this issue? I think it is pretty urgent. I would like to know what companies might be effected by the disasters and for possibly how long?

I apologize for asking such a petty question, I cannot begin to imagine the terrible events that may unfold in the coming weeks and possibly months onto the Japanese people. This has been the largest earthquake in modern times, it shifted the earths axis 4 inches and Japan has moved 8 feet. Please, no jokes.
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  1. The terrible destruction and resulting cost in human lives will certainly have an effect on prices of electronic parts which had previously come from Japan but other emerging countries will raise their game and contribute products to the market.

    I'm heartily sick of hearing of the effect this is having on the Nike Stock Exchange with greedy little buggers in red braces pulling their assets out and causing added financial damage to the Japanese economy at a time when the emphasis should be on the human angle.

    When your house and everything in it has gone, how do you even start to prove who you are to get money out of your own bank - assuming it still exists? How these poor survivers are going to exist in the near future is a mystery to me while starving and grieving from lost family at the same time. It's absolutely incredible.
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