Two New Twists on Skype Phone Gear

These two products take very different approaches to enhancing Skype phoning. Ed Tittel and Justin Korelc put the Iogear USB VoIP Skype Calling Kit and TRENDnet ClearSky Bluetooth VoIP Kit through their paces
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  1. Quote:
    Since you must start any dial string with a plus character, you have no choice but to jump over to your regular keyboard to enter that mandatory string element.

    You should be able to dial "00" rather than "+" to start a call. For example, if you wanted to call a number in France instead of dialing +33153806870 you could dial 0033153806870.
  2. Thanks for pointing out that 00 is equivalent to typing + in a SkypeOut dial string. Not only did I not know that, I couldn't find it documented anywhere in the Skype help files or documentation--though it is mentioned in plenty of other third-party documents (as for example at where you'll find this text "Skype will accept "00" as a substitute for the "+" character, so to dial a Skype Out, or real telephone number, you simply dial 00, then country code, then number.").

    I'm going to have to let the guys at IOgear know about this, too, because they were no more aware of it than I was. Now, instead of adding a + button to their dial-pad, they need only add this information to their documentation. A much easier fix for them, which I'm sure they'll be glad to learn about, as I was.

    Thanks again!
  3. Here's the note I got from IOGear's PR agency when I let them know what was what: "Thank you for your note. I’ve forwarded it to IOGEAR." Presumably this means we can expect them to update their documentationt to reflect that for Skype mathematics, + = 00!

    Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

  4. I have a question.

    Can you roam with Skype? I mean, if I've installed Skype on a notebook and can connect at a WiFi hotspot at a Starbuchs for example, can I use the Skype VoIP phones?
  5. Yep - as long as Skype works your Skype phone should work also.
  6. This is true, but also be aware that voice quality over wireless links can depend greatly on how active the hotspot may be at the time you're trying to talk. I've experience everything from great, crystal-clear voice quality all the way to such dropping of packets (a symptom of network congestion) that voice became unintelligible. As they say on the Internet, YMMV!

  7. Hey, thanks for the replies.

    This is fantastic. I kinda knew the answer, but wanted confirmation.

    Indeed, this is truly a important evolutionary development in electronic communications.

    Tom's might have placed more stress in the review of this capability of Skype or other VoIP phones, in my opinion.

    In addition, Skype offers encryption of voice and text transfers of some calls, which is relevent in today's world.
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