Halfway done with 6300 build. Please help finish.

Computer for:
- photoshop
- a little gaming
- chess playing/chess database.

- I will OC but not hard (FSB to 333MHz)

So far I purchased:
INTEL C2D E6300 1.86 S775 OEM = $160
BIOSTAR TForce965PT 775 = $105
Antec Sonata II + 450W SP2 ATX = $50

I am trying to put together a budget system, and still need to buy
RAM, HD, GPU, DVD, + monitor. Trying for under $525 for these.

I guess I should get some DDR2 667, but which one? Also, need advice
on GPU. There were some suggestions, but newegg is out of stock on
the eVGA card people suggested. Wait? Also, will the PSU be enough?
I will only have 1 DVD, 1 HD, and I don't need an enormously fast GPU.
I know it's not the best PSU, but I don't intend to OC too hard.

Thanks for the help.
By the way I got the CPU from clubIT.com. Cheap. I believe it dropped further to $150.

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  1. That RAM is fine. Good stuff.

    As for vid card, depends how much you wanna spend, and how demanding you'll be for gaming. A 7600GS should work for you, but if you can go for a bit more money, then the 7600GT should easily handle anything you'll throw at it. Excellent performance for the price, but depends on your budget. It won't disappoint you though. Otherwise, opt for the cheaper card.
  2. Thanks for the help so far -- great stuff.

    I think I will go ahead and get some of the Patriot RAM. 1.8V and 667 should work well OC'd to 333.

    For the video card, I'm looking at the eVGA 7600 GTs... There are many with different memory clock speeds, etc, which one should I get? I need some help differentiating them...

    Hard Drive, I will go with Seagate 7200.10 320GB, but will get SATA II.

    Oh, is silver/thermal grease reccommended?
    Thanks for help so far, I'm almost there...

  3. That board also has a 2.0V memory jumper so that RAM with defective SPD values such as the first version of OCZ's Gold series can still boot the first time.

    As for the video card, 7600GT's are very nice, but if you decide to go with one of the more expensive overclocked versions please consider a 7900GS instead.
  4. Thanks everyone for the help. I placed the final order this morning,
    so I have the following system:

    INTEL C2D E6300 1.86 S775 OEM = $160
    BIOSTAR TForce965PT 775 = $105
    Antec Sonata II + 450W SP2 ATX = $50
    eVGA 7600GT 256 P2-N615-TX = $110
    Patriot DDR2 667 512x2 = $105
    WD 250GB 7200.10 SATA II = $80
    SAMSUNG DVD-RW = $32
    Microsoft Curve keyboard = $14
    TOTAL = $656

    How is it? Anyone see any inconsistencies?
    Now I need a little advice to OC this thing to FSB=333. I read wusy's guide. Will I need additional cooling for a mild OC such as this?
    Any advice appreciated.

  5. It will work fine using the stock cooler. You can probably run it at 333 using 1.40V or less, which will allow the fan to run slower for quieter operation.
  6. Yep, stock cooler will do fine if you're not gonna OC a huge amount. Get some Arctic Siler 5 Thermal grease though.

    And consider an aftermarket cooler for $30-$45 later, it will help with temps, but will also be quieter.

    Good system on the cheap, you should get very respectable performance out of it.

    Good luck!
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