Completely confused!

After weeks of reading every review I am now further ahead then when I started!

For the past several years (at least 6 processors back) I have been using an ATI all in wonder card. I like to watch tv while working on the computer.

Time for a new computer. This time I want to get a separate tuner and video card.

I have a satellite box that actually does the tuning. I have s-video, composite or rf out.

Every time I read a review saying a card is great, there is another saying it has issues!

I plan on getting a E6400 duo 2, 680i or 975 chipset board, 1600 to 1950 ati graphics board.

I thought I could use the VIVO feature of the graphics card, but there does not seem to be a program just to "watch" (monitor) the input. I would like to take a few old vhs tapes and put them on DVD and also use the computer as a PVR from time to time.

I have looked at Haugge 150, 250, 350, (spelling?), vidoemate H900, ....

I don't even know if I should go internal or external (USB) ... seems most new boards only have two pci slots?

I plan on running XP64 till vista comes out (then load vista).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. hi.
    i suggest yiou get an Hauppauge internal card,it is top ratet product.
    as for support for vista soon or later there wioll be drivers avaiable for every product.
    if you remember the days of xp then would be one of the same.
    personaly i i wount be so confused about support.
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