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I have a switch now, and its getting old (and its showing, network no longer works right and the net is going crazy).

So I have my eye on this router, my question is: Is a router fine if I just wanna connect 2-3 computers + my DSL? Or do I need a switch or Hub to make the LAN and then hook that up to the router.

Im looking at this router and it has 4 LAN ports and a WAN port. Could I just hook one computer into LAN port 1, another into port 2 and a third into port 3 and then put the DSL into the WAN port?

Networking is pretty new to me and proving to be very dificult (I blame the piece of crap switch I have). All I wanna do is share my files between the computers and also be online *cries*, is that so much to ask!!!
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  1. 99% of the home routers out there today have 4 port switches and one wan port in them, many have wireless in them as well. You can connect any computer to any of the 4 switch ports.

    If you are after a simple setup and fairly reliable router go for a linksys. They come with setup cds that make it pretty painless :)
    My recommendation would be the Linksys WRT54GL or WRT54G. If you have a local staples or similar store they probably have one of those.
  2. That one would probably be fine. It may not be as easy to setup as the linksys but it definatly wont be too challenging :)

    The only thing you will miss out on with that router is wireless but you could always add a separate wireless accesspoint later (or get the DGL-4300 for about $20 more). Also, if you have gigabit network cards in your computers network file transfers will get a big speed boost.
  3. Networks have a tendency to grow, may want to consider a 8 port router.
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