OC'ing AM2 3800 X2 rig

Are my settings good and is there improvements with the parts i have right now? I just recently started trying to oc my rig and im shaky on how to oc my vid card. Any advice would be helpful

CPU: AM2 3800 x2 Windsor
MEMORY: 1gig Patriot xtreme DDR2 800
Vid Card: 7600 gt GDDR3 256MB (idle:44C, Load: 50C)
POWER SUP: Antec TPII 430watt
HD: Western Digital 80gig

Ran Prime95 for 6hours and no problems
(Stock Cooling)
Core Speed: 2150 MHz
Multiplier: x10
Bus Speed: 215 MHz
Ht Link: 1075 MHz
Voltage: 1.36V
(Temps- idle:25C, load: 30-35C)
HT Speed: 5x
HT width: 16 | 16

Frequency: 430 MHz
Timings: 5-5-5-18
Voltage: 1.95V
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  1. To OC your vid card download coolbits or RivaTuner. I perfer Coolbits. A quick install of coolbits then go to the nvidia panel and choose overclocking settings. I normally choose the optimal setting which is normally stable then increase it bit by bit from there.

    Remember to check temps and run 3d mark(any version would do i guess) to check for stable and watch for artifacts. And incase you need a volt mod....I'll look up a guide... :lol:
  2. Hey i have a 939 X2 3800 and its at 2.4 stable, im thinking of going for 3.0 Ghz but im scared of my ram. Im not running stock, and if your thinking of OCing id recomend you get a new Heat sink like a Zalman 9500 or AC Freezer 64 pro or something, they have really good noise to performace ratios, But your set up looks pretty good.

    my rig

    core 2400
    FSB 240
    ram 200 @ 2-3-3-6
    core volt 1.4ish +- like .02
    chip set volt 1.6 i think like 3.3% over volt

    and i run this 24 hours a day 7 days a week. and i idle at like 25 and ive never seen 50C or higher ever. And the CPU fan is at 50% i use 9500 LED. So you could try that, i know the stock HS is actully fairly decent, the AC is like 20 bucks so you cant really beat it. Look at the charts on a web site like


    That should give you a pretty good idea on where this could take you. And since your rams already running good at what you said like +400 or something you should be fine as long as you use your multipliers.
  3. I have the same cpu and mobo as you, and I must tell you this vital piece of information that'll help you on overclocking your processor.

    Unless you're using the new 501 BIOS (which is a super early beta and is unstable at what I'm about to explain) you will not be able to get over a 220 to 240 FSB (there are mixed reports) without the computer not being able to POST. I tried for quite a while to get past this barrier and I found out a way that had worked for others, and this can work for you too, though you'll need better cooling (though with those numbers you may want to wait a while, my chip is quite hot).

    You have to drop your CPU multiplier down to 9x, and then drop your HTT multiplier (it's in the chipset category) down to 4x, and then 3x if you go over 2.4 or so. This will allow you to bring your FSB way way up, mine was at 290 FSB, but I couldn't keep it cool enough to remain stable there. You'll want to change your ram speeds down to ddr2-667 and then 533 (mine is at 533 with fsb of 285, rams actual speed is something like ddr2-744 with timings of 443, as opposed to ddr2-800 555)

    As for overclocking your graphics card, get the program ATITool (yes I know it's an nvidia) and that'll just be for stress testing. Then you get rivatuner, then click customize on Forceware settings, and go to the one that looks like a card. Then you can play with fan settings and clock speeds while you do a "scan for artifacts" test using ATITool. There's no other tool out there that'll push your card harder than the artifact tester, it'll push it quite a bit harder than any game, so if it's stable with that, it'll be stable in a game.

    Well, that there's the basics. Hope you have fun, lol.
  4. i have bios revision 0103, should i update to version 502?
  5. Yes, absolutely. The first bios was not very good, but later BIOS's were more refined and stable. I was not even aware that 502 had come out yet, seeing as 501 only came out a week ago. At least upgrade to the 403 bios before you try overclocking any amount.
  6. I am having trouble updating bios using asusupdate :?
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