Where are the DX10 benchmarks?

Windows Vista has been released right? Not to the general public, but for volume license consumers.. so why havnt we seen any of them benchmarking using DX10?
Is DX10 not out yet despite Windows Vista being so?
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  1. Because Nvidia hasn't released drivers for it's DX10 capable 8 series.
  2. Quote:
    Because Nvidia hasn't released drivers for it's DX10 capable 8 series.

    So there is DX10 but the only cards that can use it dont have drivers for Vista??
  3. DX10 isn't out yet.
  4. DX10 is out, it comes with vista, its not benchmarked cause no driver support and no games support dx10 yet so they cant bench games either, its just there waiting to be used by some hardware or software.
  5. Hence my comments after that THG article about DX10. "Get it while it's hot and while they are available" blah blah B/S. People would just have got ripped off. A load of hype again.

    Cant wait to actually see the difference in performance, and for new cards to flood the market so prices come down. Maybe the reason it's been so quiet, might be because performance will disappoint.
  6. Does anyone know what the first game to take advantage of DX10 will be? I know Crysis has been delayed, so what other games are in the pipe?
  7. Enhanced lighting, bump mapping, glare, motion blur. [edit]better utilization of multiple cores and optimization of the OS and games.[/]
    Check out Crysis's DX9 vs. DX10: http://www.incrysis.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1857
    Those were taken in feb06 with the first beta version of DX10 and look at the transformation. 8O
  8. possibly FSX?
  9. FSX and other comparisons:
    All I can say is.. 8O
  10. That FSX screen has been floating around for a while now, and I believe it's actually an artist rendition, not an actual screen shot.
  11. :D Did you look at that link of yours. States the DX10 pics were fake and are now removed.
  12. ah, ya beat me
  13. I'm wondering if the Crysis pics are real. What do you think? Looks like a true comparison, but then again who knows.
  14. Quote:
    ah, ya beat me

    I have my moments, but it's usually the other way around. :)
  15. If those crysis pics are tried and true, it's lookin' like a nV's 7 series would be completely crippled. Heard reports about dx10 having optimization kinks.
  16. Have you seen the Crysis DX10 video? Very impressive.
  17. the windows vista that is out now comes with te new dx9.e or f version to support dx9 graph cards.

    so we just have to w8 for ith in mid januari it should be ready.
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